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Family Expectations



The Richard Allen Schools' goal is to establish a network of committed, determined parents who will take the lead in forging a strong, productive relationship with their campus faculty and staff. Parent leaders will be role models, motivators, communicators, and full participating partners in the education of their students.



Our Expectations

  • Be a direct contact with other home parents

  • Help with planning and conducting events, field trips, and projects

  • Recruit other parents to become parent leaders

  • Personally contact and encourage other parents to faithfully attent PA meetings

  • Offer support, encouragement, and advice to parents not fulfilling the RAS parent agreement

  • Help create a culture of personal accountability

  • Support efforts to help students achieve the campus behavior management goals of self-disciplined and self-reliant students

  • Work with faculty and staff to help the campus meet its 90% pass rate goal on Ohio's academic achievement tests

RAS 2021-2022
Parent-Student Handbook

You will find in the Parent/Student Handbook some very important information regarding some of the policies and procedures established for the safety of the children and the smooth operation of the school. Please read this information carefully and keep it for future reference. Should you have questions, feel free to contact your child/children’s school.

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