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Fall 2020 School Update Information



November 28, 2020

Dear Families,
Thank you for your continued support and understanding during this time. We are seeing COVID-19 cases spike in our community and all across the country. As a result of the increased risk, we will continue our remote learning plan through January 18, 2021. Our plan is to return after the Martin Luther King Holiday on Tuesday, January 19, 2021. There is no change for our virtual students.
By continuing remote learning for an extended period, our goal is to decrease the potential for our school community to be affected by COVID-19 outbreaks. This, in turn, decreases interruptions to student learning so that our students can continue their studies successfully.
We are committed to your student’s academic success during this period of remote learning. Your student’s teacher will provide you specific details to ensure the best remote learning experience possible for your student.
During this period of remote instruction, meals can be provided to your student. Please contact the school office to sign up for meals.
Faculty and staff look forward to educating your student in-person again soon. We are grateful to you, parents, and guardians. We know it hasn’t been easy. But we remain hopeful that we will get through this together.
We are so proud of our school community. We have navigated the ups and downs that this year has presented us. We value your partnership throughout this process and the trust you place in us to educate your student. If you have any questions please call the school office.


Michelle Bozeman, Ed.D


Updated 7/22/20

How will attendance be factored?

For every remote learning day, students will be required to log in and complete work on both the reading and math on-line platforms.

Will my child be required to wear a mask? Will the teacher wear a mask?

All students are encouraged to wear a mask. Teachers and administrators are required to wear masks when within 6 feet of others. If local ordinances require face coverings, Richard Allen Schools will follow suit. Currently, Ohio’s governor has mandated a state-wide mask order for anyone 10 years or older. The schools will comply with the order. If students are at least 6 feet apart, masks may be removed when directed by staff (mask breaks).

Are visitors welcome?

Visitors are always welcome. However, due to the nature of the virus, only essential visitors will be permitted; e.g., postal service workers, maintenance providers, city officials, school sponsors. Early dismissals and late arrivals must call when on the premises. Directions will be given at that point.



(Updated 7/31/20)


How will we determine the methods of providing schooling?

Richard Allen Schools will follow the state alert map’s color-coding levels to determine learning modes. For example, currently, the state alert is coded as Level 2 - ORANGE for Butler and Level 3 – RED for Montgomery counties. Therefore, Richard Allen Schools will only offer Hybrid and Remote learning plans.

If the county levels are Level 1 - YELLOW – ALL students will have daily, in-person, Traditional learning.

If the county level is Level 2 - ORANGE or Level 3 – RED – Students choose either Hybrid or Remote.

If the county level is Level 4 - PURPLE – All students will be Remote.

* See for the updated calendar and the county map link.


What are the differences in the learning plans?
Hybrid students will attend in-person classes at the campus two days per week in order to enforce social distancing guidelines of 6 feet. Online lessons will be provided on the three remaining days. There will be two cohorts (1, 2) grouped according to households. No two cohorts will be in the building at the same time.
Remote learners will have structured Google Classroom lessons consisting of video presentations, live presentations, and computer learning software such as MindPlay, Khan Academy, and eSpark.
All work will be turned in and graded by the teacher.
Traditional – Everyone is taught in the building at the same time five days per week.

What will homework consist of?

Homework for all learners will be provide through Google Classroom. Student work will be monitored by the classroom teacher. All assignments should require no additional teaching at home.


What are the parent expectations?

Parents should make sure that work is completed and turned in. Lessons should not require additional teaching by parents or guardians.


Will students receive letter grades or Pass/Fail ratings?

All students will receive letter grades (A-F).


Are uniforms still required?

Yes, uniforms are required. Please contact the campuses to order.


In the spring, remote learning was hard on the parents. What has changed?
In March, there was little time to prepare for the remote situation we were forced into. We are fully prepared now to offer a quality program whether it be remote or hybrid.


What tools are being provided?

Each student will receive a Chromebook regardless of how many students are in the household. If the household has three students attending, three Chromebooks will be issued.


What are my responsibilities concerning the Chromebook?

Every parent must sign an intent that Chromebooks will be used for learning purposes only and care will be maintained to the best extent possible. 


Can I switch learning plans if I am not satisfied?

We would prefer that students maintain their cohort for at least the semester. If there is a special problem, parents may contact the administrator.


How will attendance be factored?

We are waiting on state guidelines.


What school supplies are needed?

The school will provide notebooks, pencils, folders, rulers, crayons, scissors, glue, highlighters, sticky notes, markers, colored pencils, and a pencil bag. Sanitizer, wipes, and paper towels are requested. Individual teachers may have additional requests.


My child receives intervention services. What can I expect?

Each building has an Intervention Specialist, Speech Language Pathologist, and an Occupational Therapist (if needed). They will work with students to meet the required minutes listed in the Individual Education Plans. Should a shutdown occur, services will continue remotely. There may also be an opportunity for compensatory services on Fridays. Contact your administrator.


How long is the school day? When do we start?

School hours have not changed. Hamilton Campus – 8:00 – 3:00. Dayton Campuses – 8:15 – 3:15. 

The new start date is August 17, 2020.


Will breakfast and lunch still be provided?

Yes. Both meals are provided. Plans are being made to offer meals to hybrid learners on off days. 


Will my child receive transportation from the local district?

Hamilton students will continue to receive transportation from Hamilton City Schools. Dayton transportation is still being negotiated with the district. However, there will be some form of transportation provided.


Will my child be required to wear a mask? Will the teacher wear a mask?

All students are encouraged to wear a mask. Teachers and administrators are required to wear masks when within 6 feet of others.  If local ordinances require face coverings, Richard Allen Schools will follow suit.


Is there a nurse on duty?

Yes. Each campus will have its own nurse.


Are visitors welcome?

Visitors are always welcome. However, due to the nature of the virus, only essential visitors will be permitted. Early dismissals and late arrivals must call when on the premises. You will be given directions at that point.


What health and safety protocols are in place?

All buildings will be sanitized prior to students’ arrival and continue throughout the day. Custodians and maintenance workers will wear masks, sanitize desks, lockers, and restrooms, and wear gloves when carrying waste. 


What will happen if a teacher or a student has a fever?

If it is determined that students have a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher, they will be isolated to the sick bay and await parent pickup. If a faculty or staff member has a fever of at least 100.4, they will be sent home. If the student or staff member is discovered to have tested positive for COVID-19, all students and staff that have been exposed to the individual must be quarantined for 14 days. Learning will continue remotely. 

In the event of a confirmed case in one of our school buildings, a temporary closure (2 days) of a classroom, grade, or entire building can be mandated based on a risk assessment. A thorough cleaning and disinfecting will take place along with contact tracing to determine if there are additional cases. We will then work with the health department to determine the next necessary steps.

Richard Allen Schools 2020-2021

Covid-19 Re-Opening Plans 


Dear Parents and Guardians, 

As we continue during these unprecedented times, Richard Allen Schools (RAS) would like to communicate our plans for the reopening of school in the fall of 2020. 

In order to reopen for the 2020-21 school year, RAS has implemented many critical, necessary, and safety-related guidelines for students to return to school. 

In order to ensure a safe return to school, our plan will reduce class sizes by 50% through the first semester or longer if necessary. 

Below is an outline of general principles that will guide RAS with the reopening of all school buildings: 

  1. RAS will implement recommended safety protocols to the highest degree possible. Prior to entering RAS buildings, all staff and students are required to have their temperature taken. 

  2. RAS will work closely with the city health departments to promote safety in each school building. RAS will also collaboratively work with the city health departments when a case of COVID-19 is confirmed and follow all recommended protocols. 

  3. RAS will implement procedures that keep intentional distance between and among students during school hours to the greatest extent possible. 

  4. RAS will install shields where the need is most critical, to the greatest extent possible. 

  5. RAS will strongly encourage the use of face coverings as it is related to each situation, environment, individual(s) involved, and activity structured - and in some cases require face coverings if the situation dictates it or if it is required by local ordinance. 

  6. RAS will train staff as it relates to hygiene practices to limit disease spread. 

  7. RAS Health and Wellness Policy dictates that all students and staff stay home when not feeling well. 

  8. RAS recognizes the need for consistency in the areas of operations while understanding that differences in classroom size, school facilities, and building operations may lead to some differences from building to building. 

  9. Consistent evaluation of building operations, including but not limited to flow of traffic in the building, use of classrooms/cafeteria/restrooms/etc., operational times, and visitor procedures will be conducted frequently and changes made when appropriate. 

  10. RAS will communicate with parents and the community regarding COVID-19-influenced practices, safety, and health practices. 

The school year will begin Friday, August 14, 2020. The calendar is located on the schools’ website - under the ‘Calendars’ link. 

We have many unknowns as we plan for our reopening and understand this plan can change significantly if conditions related to the pandemic also change. 

The district will be communicating on a regular basis by the use of Dojo, Parent Square, district Facebook, and the district website. Please check on a regular basis during the upcoming weeks for the most recent information regarding Richard Allen Schools. 

Thanks in advance for your support of the district as we look forward to a successful 2020-21 school year. 




Dr. Michelle Thomas

Richard Allen Schools 2020-2021 Return to School Learning Options


For the 2020-2021 school year, Richard Allen Preparatory, Dayton students K-8 will have two learning options:


Blended Learning Option: 


This option combines two days of in-person instruction at school with three days of online instruction at home.

  • Group A at school Monday and Wednesday, at home Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

  • Group B at school Tuesday and Thursday, at home Monday, Wednesday, and Friday


Remote Learning Option: 


This option allows students to engage with an online curriculum with Richard Allen teacher support. Chromebooks will be offered.

Instruction will begin August 14.


For the 2020-2021 school year, Richard Allen Academy, Hamilton students K-6 will have two 

learning options:


Blended Learning Option: 


This option combines two days of in-person instruction at school with three days of online instruction at home. Chromebooks provided.

  • Group A - at school Monday and Wednesday, at home Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

  • Group B - at school Tuesday and Thursday, at home Monday, Wednesday, and Friday


Remote Learning Option:

This option allows students to engage with an online curriculum with Richard Allen teacher support. Chromebooks will be provided.


Instruction will begin August 14.


Covid-19 Return to School Fall 2020

Updated 7/7/20

Dear Richard Allen Families,
 We are excited to share that each student will be provided their own electronic device this fall. While our intention is to return to our traditional in-person learning environment, we know there is great value in the learning opportunities provided beyond the classroom.
 As this school year ends, we realize there are many questions about what learning will look like for our students in the fall. We are hard at work putting together detailed plans for three possible teaching and learning scenarios:
 In-person – a return to our traditional classroom environment.
 Remote – teaching and learning at home.
 Blended – a combination of in-person and remote instruction.
 Our plans cover a variety of needs such as safety and health, teaching and learning, technology, food services, and other processes and policies. We are closely monitoring and following Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and directions from local officials.
 RAS looks forward to sharing more details with you about fall learning plans and electronic device access throughout the summer months for your back-to-school preparations.
 As parents and guardians, you are a critical part of our planning, and we are asking for your feedback. Please complete the following survey to help inform our work as we continue preparing for fall.

RAS 2020-2021 Learning Options Parent Poll

RAS 2020-2021 Opciones de aprendizaje Encuesta para padres
 There is still much uncertainty as a result of the recent events, but we are more determined than ever to make sure our children’s hearts and heads continue to grow.  Thank-you for your continued partnership. We can get through this together.


Updated 5/12/2020

Watch for Updates

We will post necessary updates on all communications channels, including the website and via ParentSquare.

Please look for updates soon on Remote Learning, Graduation and Extended Food Distribution. 

Covid-19 Update Resource Links

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